Pollutants in organisms database

Data of Species-Pollutant Load-Toxicity: covering hot spots of environmental pollution and ecological diversity, providing basic big data support for scientific research. 


Ambient sound database

The environmental sound database makes full use of citizen science, widely collects the global environmental sound and video information, provides the sound big data such as the noise pollution, and provides the data support for the research in the field of environment and health. More than 8 million records have been collected from more than 20,000 people.


Antibiotic resistance gene database

The spread of antibiotic resistance gene (ARGs) leads to the development of bacterial resistance, which is a great threat to human health. The subject of this database is the temporal and spatial distribution of ARGs in the environment. It integrates the types of environmental samples (soil and water) , geographic information, environmental factors, antibiotic content, ARGs types, absolute abundance and relative abundance, and forms the environmental ARGs database, data support for global environmental ARGs research.